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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Big Injuries from Low-Impact Car Crashes In Sarasota

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Some believe a low-impact car accident will not cause injuries. Unfortunately, injuries do happen in fender benders. Sometimes these injuries interfere with daily life. Low-impact crashes can cause neck, back, and head injuries that result in debilitating pain and suffering that makes returning to work impossible. These pains are not always felt in the… Read More »

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Florida Pedestrians Can Be Dangerous When Distracted

By Hale Law, P.A. |

When the weather is pleasant, people often decide to enjoy the Florida sunshine with a walk around the neighborhood. Walking can be healthy, but it is also common for pedestrians to be distracted while walking, such as by their cell phones, which leads to risks. Pedestrians can be hurt while walking throughout cities and… Read More »

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By Hale Law, P.A. |

Please be advised that on the afternoon of October 15, 2020, in the 100 block of Sunset Beach Drive near U.S. 41 in Venice, Sarasota County, Florida, there was an explosion and two-alarm fire in a household, causing at least two people serious injuries. The injured were airlifted to burn centers from the scene…. Read More »

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Florida Car Accident Damages

By Hale Law, P.A. |

If you were in a Florida car accident, whether it be Sarasota or Bradenton, Port Charlotte or Venice, you know that personal suffering and high medical bills can follow. When another is negligent, it is important to make a claim for these damages so you can move forward with your healing and the rest… Read More »

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What If My Car Was Damaged Before a Car Accident?

By Hale Law, P.A. |

After a car accident in Sarasota or another Florida area, many turn to insurance companies for financial relief. With proper coverage, damages from the crash will be assessed by an insurance adjuster and paid out reasonably. What happens in crash situations where a car is damaged before the accident? In those situations, an adjuster… Read More »

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Whiplash Injuries After Sarasota Accidents

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Whiplash injuries happen when a person’s neck and head are moved in a forceful, unnatural, back-and-forth motion. They are common injuries in rear-end car collisions. The injury can also happen during other traumatic events, like when a person falls, for example. How severe an injury is depends, in part, on how the harm occurred…. Read More »

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