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What Increases Compensation for a Sarasota Car Accident?

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Unfortunately, there are many car accident victims who find themselves trying to heal physically while mentally stressing over the financial impact of various medical bills on their lives. The most important thing is your health. After a motor vehicle accident, contact a Sarasota car accident lawyer who can walk you through what to expect… Read More »

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How to Avoid Car Accidents in Sarasota

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Car accidents take place each day throughout the State of Florida, and Sarasota is no exception. In fact, Sarasota County experienced 12,534 car accidents in 2018 alone. Our community is not immune to having car accidents, but there are some steps we all can take to avoid car accidents from happening. Avoiding Car Accidents… Read More »

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Understanding How Car Accidents Cause Brain Injuries in Sarasota

By Hale Law, P.A. |

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30% of all injury-related deaths are linked to traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unfortunately, car accidents resulting in TBI are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 24. Because Hale Law wants the Sarasota community to be aware of… Read More »

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Sarasota Car Accident Damages and How to Calculate Them

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Often, people are afraid to file claims or lawsuits for car accidents out of fear of how much it will cost them to pursue. They also worry about how much they will get back in the event they do pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Determining the amount of compensation that can be… Read More »

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How to Recover from a Sarasota Car Accident

By Hale Law, P.A. |

If you’re suffering from injuries related to a car accident, this can be an overwhelming time as you wonder how you will pick up the pieces of your life and put them back together again. When dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, there are two types of recovery that you must concern… Read More »

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The Most Common Personal Injury Type in Sarasota

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Personal injury is a term that describes an injury to one’s body. Injuries to the body are not just physical. Personal injuries also include injuries to the mind and emotions. A personal injury case occurs when one person suffers harm from an injury due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence. There are several ways… Read More »

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